Board of Directors

Roger Maryatt
(Board Chairman)

Roger Maryatt, founder of the Solano Recovery Project and Unity Hall Inc. is a 40 year resident of Fairfield who cares deeply about our community. He knows that drugs and alcohol are the major contributing factor to broken homes, lost jobs, lost dreams, and crime within our community. Committed to making a difference he volunteers as an administrator, Recovery Coach, trainer, facilitator, and advocate.

While sitting on boards and committees he advocates for treatment and recovery support services. He believes that people can live a life free from substance-use and other dependencies and knows from his own experience of over 20 years that long-term recovery is possible with continued involvement, personal growth, faith, and support; this is why the Solano Recovery Project and Unity Hall exist today.

As a man of faith, Roger knows that with God all things are possible and hope abounds.

His personal mission statement is:

“Always carry a message of hope, faith and a new way of life”.

His personal mission statement is:
“Always carry a message of hope, faith and a new way of life”.



Pat Duffy
(Board Member / Director of Facilities)

Pat Duffy is one of the founding members of Unity Hall – first visualizing the dream back in 1995. Since then Pat has been instrumental in supporting the dream and growing UH in all areas. He served as the Chair since 2007 to 2014 and is a key member of our Board. You can hear him and see him at all recovery events – a force of pure energy promoting fun in recovery for the past 21 years. Pat was raised in Fairfield with Five brothers – Four of whom are dead from the disease of addiction. This reality is the backbone of his recovery and drives him to help others find a life free from addiction. He is the dad of four step-children that he loves dearly and that have never known him other than naturally high on life. If you want help check him out. Thank you God!



Tracy Lee
(Board Member / Director of Training)

Tracey Lee joined Unity Hall in 2008 and brought with her a passion for recovery advocacy. Since discovering a life of sobriety in1997, Tracey has been a voice for recovery, speaking out about the needs of people in treatment and recovery from addiction. She has spoken at conferences in Sacramento and Washington D.C. and has addressed local and national policy makers on the importance of addiction treatment and recovery. She was selected as the 2010 Recovery Delegate from California for A&E TV’s National Recovery Project.

Tracey is employed as a supervisor with Solano County Health & Social Services. In 2008 she graduated from Walden University with a Masters degree in Public Administration, accomplishing a life long dream. She is the proud mom of William Lee IV, her only son.



Anita Kennedy
(Board Member / Treasurer / Admin)

Anita Kennedy has been a member of Unity Hall since 2005 and is a current Board Member / Treasurer & Administrative Specialist.  Anita has been instrumental in the areas of Program Development and Organizational Management at Unity Hall. She brings enthusiasm and commitment to her 19 years of work with the recovering community and has committed herself to this service throughout her employment and in her personal life.   Anita’s community service focus for the past 12 year has been with Public Relations where she advocates for recovering members.  She celebrates every day by giving back and helping those in need in a variety of areas that all impact long  term recovery.  Anita has a rich variety of skills and expertise in many areas that benefit clients and service providers alike.  She has been recognized for her invaluable service in the County of Marin, over the past 15 years, with awards and acknowledgements, including two Congressional Awards from Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey in 2005 and 2007.  Anita was born and raised in Berkeley Ca, and relocated the Port Costa in 1983 where she raised he son, Nicholas.



Tina Henke
(Board Member / Secretary)

Tina Henke joined Unity Hall in 2008 and immediately became an active participant who made a difference to UH. She showed her dedication by coming to every Board meeting, assisting with various events, and even cooking for the 2008 and 2009 Membership Appreciation Cruise. She became the Membership Coordinator in 2009 and is now serving as our Board Secretary.

Tina has been celebrating recovery since May 19, 2007. She is a Para-educator with the Solano County Office of Education. She is a single mom to two boys, Timothy and Joshua, who keep her on her toes. She loves to plan and participate in recovery events and spend time with her family and close friends.