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We may have recently connected at Inside Out RAW Hope, Recovery Happens at the state Capital or another community safe space. Please forgive us if you received a Recovery Connect flyer with the wrong number to our helpline. Our correct # is 562-375-4433


Solano Recovery Project (Unity Hall) – a local not-for-profit volunteer organization that serves individuals and families seeking a new way of life.

We offer a safe place (drug and alcohol free) for people to meet for support and attend monthly activities and events. There are at least two 12 step meetings a day.

We offer a resource center consisting of online computers for email and research, up to date bulletin boards, and resource binders for recovery programs, education, jobs, housing, ect.

We offer free and low-cost educational classes on career development, finance, job search, ect.

We partner with local organizations to offer services to the homeless.

We are developing a “Clean for life” program that consists of a Help line, intervention assistance, placement in direct services recovery programs, mentorship/recovery coach support, volunteer program career development, education, housing placement assistance and job placement assistance.

Recovery Services.

Amends in Action

An important function of a Recovery Community Organization is the public benefit it provides the local community.

Transformative Classes

Stepping onto the path where we learn about the strategies for change that can help you or your loved one on your journey.

Support Groups

“As I make recovery a priority in my life, I’m starting to see myself in a new light. I’m feeling better about the person I am.”

Community Awareness

SRP provides volunteer based, non-clinical, non-medical, para-professional, Recovery Support Services.

Recovery Cafe

Our vision is to develop a functional Recovery Community Organization in Solano County, and throughout California.

Training Academy

The mission of Unity Hall is to provide resources and support for individuals seeking life-long recovery and wellness.

Solano Recovery Blog.

You Are Somebody!

Today, we bring you a video of motivation to encourage recovery. No matter what obstacle you are facing, I know that YOU CAN and WILL get through it! With these

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Communities of Recovery Conference

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” ~ Francis of Assisi Community Event – ONE MOE TIME February 17, 2023 from

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SRP’s Community Outreach

AMENDS IN ACTION What is “making an amends?” It’s doing something to correct a mistake one has made or a bad situation that one has caused. When we make an

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Calvin’s Story

For 50 years Calvin struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction. For the past 12 years he’s been in recovery – and hasn’t looked back. Now a peer support specialist at

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Hello. My name is Sue. When I first came to Solano Recovery Project in February 2013, I was new in recovery (3 months clean as a matter of fact)...
When I first came to Solano Recovery Project in January 2019, I was struggling with co-dependency, eating disorder, depression, worry, stress, fear...
When I discovered that I could not stop using drugs on my own, a friend said she would meet me at 711 Empire St. in Fairfield for a 12-step meeting...

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711 Empire St. Fairfield, CA

(707) 419-4662


711 Empire Street
Fairfield, CA 94533

Non-Profit EIN #56-2500104


SRP Office
Recovery Cafe
Recovery Connect Help Line


SRP : M-F 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Cafe : M-F 11:30am – 1:30pm


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