Our Vision

Our desire is to develop a fully functional Recovery Resource Community Organization here in Solano County, and throughout California. We desire to provide training, organizational development, and act as fiduciary.

Our plan is to build a strong peer-to-peer recovery support system and recovery community. This will be comprised of individuals and families healing and growing toward a new life free of substance-use and addiction. In the process we plan to partner with as many existing service organizations as we can.

As members of Unity Hall we want to:
Build a comprehensive help/information phone line system.
Build a strong phone support program.
Build a strong mentorship/recovery coach program.
Provide education, prevention, intervention and advocacy.
Acquire larger facility for multiple recovery support group meetings and educational classes that will include the following:

  1. Library/conference room
  2. Private counseling room
  3. Membership activities and events such as dinners, dances, comedy, music and conferences
  4. Childcare room
  5. Clean and sober social lounge area with TV, pool tables, table tennis, darts, ect
  6. Computer resource center
The mission of Unity Hall is to further knowledge and provide resources and support for individuals seeking life-long recovery and wellness.