A success story through Unity Hall and the Recovery Connect Program
by Jenifer Fitch|Published April 3, 2019

My name is Karen. I embarked on recovery on 8/2009. A few months later, I was offered an opportunity to volunteer at Unity Hall. At this time, I was a single mother on Section 8, Unemployment, Medi-Cal, and Food Stamps. I served at Unity Hall for six months, followed by a 6-month job and another break in employment. I returned to Unity Hall to volunteer again until obtaining my current job. Volunteering at Unity Hall gave me a reason to get up every day, somewhere to be and, the ability to maintain a routine while unemployed. While volunteering at Unity Hall, I did data entry, money handling, inventory, maintenance, assisted people who needed basic needs resources, and facilitated a daily recovery education group. If I had not had a safe place to go in early recovery, when my future looked uncertain, I don’t know where I would be today.

I continue to utilize services at Unity Hall through their new Recovery Connect program when needed and continue to refer others to Recovery Connect for both services and volunteer opportunities. Today, I am off all public assistance, including Section 8. I have a good job and can provide for my son. I am truly self-sufficient. I am grateful to Unity Hall and Recovery Connect for all the resources and support that bought me to this time in my life.

-Karen S.


Hi, My name is Elizabeth.
 I am a lady of long-term recovery. What that looks like for me is I not putting any mind, mood, altering substance to change the way I feel or not feel. I have trained and been certified as a Recovery Coach. I’ve extended my fields with Data Collection, and Project Coordinating. 

I am dedicated to be of service to others by continuously utilizing learned tools and skills and being an active member of our community. My goal centered towards giving back to others what was so freely given to me. Being a team player with Solano Recovery Project allows me that opportunity. 

-Elizabeth Stapp.

Hello, My name is Sue.
When I first came to Solano Recovery Project in February 2013, I was new in recovery (3 months clean as a matter of fact), was accustomed to taking from the community, was deemed disabled, had been unemployed for 4 years, had just lost my home and my animals. I came with a notepad and a pen not knowing what to expect from my first recovery support meeting. 

With that assistance of SRP, NA, the day staff, and other peers at Unity Hall; I received recovery and emotional support. A Peer Specialist helped me find resources and I became a volunteer.

-Sue Young



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