Mental Illness in the Justice System

  As caregivers, the Hyndmans found themselves in a crisis at home as their loved one struggled with an episode of mania. Instead of a caring hand, they saw their loved one locked up without the mental health support that they needed. This is the story of how the Hyndmans went from an overwhelming sense of guilt to one of hope and community. If you or a loved one is seeking mental health treatment or additional information on mental health contact us. 707-419-4662

Amends in Action

An important function of a Recovery Community Organization is the public benefit it provides the local community. This program is an organized community service opportunity for individuals in recovery to “give back” to the community. We offer projects ranging from Adopting a Park cleaning up litter and painting to filing paperwork, data entry, phone support, and becoming a Recovery Coach if that is their desire. Members volunteer their time to assist another person or family find freedom from substance use. We use the term “Peer-to-Peer” and moto, “Each one – teach one” as a guide for personal recovery support. By encouraging people in recovery to “stay connected”, (volunteering), doing so actually enhances their life experiences and increases their success in long-term recovery. 12-step recovery programs include, as part of the recovery process, a 9th step where the members must make amends to those whom they have harmed except when to do so would cause harm. This includes the community and neighborhood in which they live. Solano Recovery Project, Amends In Action program provides an avenue… Read More »Amends in Action