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Looking for a New Way of Life?

Solano Recovery Project (Unity Hall) – a local not-for-profit volunteer organization that serves individuals and families seeking a new way of life.

We offer a safe place (drug and alcohol free) for people to meet for support and attend monthly activities and events. There are at least two 12 step meetings a day.

We offer a resource center consisting of online computers for email and research, up to date bulletin boards, and resource binders for recovery programs, education, jobs, housing, ect.

We offer free and low-cost educational classes on career development, finance, job search, ect.

We partner with local organizations to offer services to the homeless.

We are developing a “Clean for Life” program that consists of a Help line, intervention assistance, placement in direct services recovery programs, mentorship/recovery coach support, volunteer program career development, education, housing placement assistance and job placement assistance.