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Oxycontin | How An Accident at Work Led to Opioid Use | Recovery Matters Podcast Ep. 67

Oxycontin is addictive and has been responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths throughout the US. If you’ve seen Hulu’s limited series Dopesick, you will notice that Jennifer’s story mirrors that of Betsy Mallum, one of the characters featured within the series. Just like Betsy, Jennifer suffered an injury on the job which caused her excruciating pain. Having been clean and on a road of recovery from past substance use, her doctor had eventually prescribed her Oxycontin, an opioid that was aggressively pushed on doctors by Purdue Pharma as being “non-addictive”. Ultimately, there came a point where Jennifer was taking more than the recommended dosage, which then led to her trying to figure out a cheaper alternative that would feed her addiction….heroin.

Recovery Matters is a podcast from one of the nation’s original Recovery Community Organizations – CCAR. CCAR envisions a world where the power, hope, and healing of Recovery from addiction is thoroughly understood and embraced. We invite guests from all areas of the Recovery Movement to explore the concept of recovery with us, share their stories, and have real discussions that move us toward that world which we envision.