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Recovering Out Loud

Stop feeding the Monsters.

A chance meeting with a stranger in active addiction inspired Teri Smith to recover out loud in order to help reduce the shame people feel attached to the A word.

It has been Teri’s experience that the more she shares her own journey, the more she finds that we are all in recovery from something and it is far better to be able to say “I know how to help” than to be afraid of who we really are.
In this talk she teaches us how to stop feeding our own Monsters, whatever they may be. Teri D. Smith is the Director of Development for Stout Street Foundation, a non-profit treatment program for addiction and alcoholism.

After gaining her own sobriety, Teri developed a passion for bringing awareness to addiction and helping those in need. Over the course of her 13-year career in addiction treatment, Teri’s open, transparent approach to recovery has helped hundreds of people achieve sobriety and reclaim their lives. Her tenacity for fundraising to aid those in need has increased the understanding that recovery is possible and should be lived out loud, free of shame.