SOAR – Science of Addiction and Recovery

This training provides individuals with a better understanding of the science behind addiction and recovery. While experience changes beliefs, the facts about how substances dramatically affect the brain are a key component in helping the public understand the recovery process.

Messaging – Language Matters

Our Voices Count! Messaging is about developing a message that promotes de-stigmatizing person-first, solution focused language. There is no more potent weapon against stigma than people that have been trained using Our Stories Have Power messaging tools. This training will sharpen our skills as communicators, and will help us learn how to tell our, and those we serve, stories with a purpose. It will also help attendees develop a powerful personal message using specific language designed to reach a variety of audiences.

Becoming Trauma Informed - There's Nothing WRONG With Them!

This training increases trauma awareness for those working with justice impacted individuals and their family members. This introduction to trauma informed care will help us become more aware of the effects of trauma in the lives of those we serve. By better understanding the effects of abuse, trauma, and other experiences contributing to physical and mental health we develop greater understanding of typical behaviors and reactions. This trauma provides information about the lives involved in the justice system, the process of trauma, and its effects. Together we will learn about the pervasiveness of violence in the world and in the lives of the system impacted. We will learn the definitions of violence, trauma, and being “trauma informed”. 

Keep Calm and Carry On! De-Escalating Ourselves and Those We Serve

This training, although powerful as a stand-alone, is better as a part 2 to Becoming Trauma Informed. This class helps us create trauma responsive and crisis related strategies. Understanding the story behind the escalation often helps to diffuse the situation allowing the client, and provider, to both experience preserved wellness. This training will help us understand secondary, or vicarious trauma, develop healthy and professional de-escalation techniques and strategies. It will also educate us on necessary steps to take when creating safety plans when necessary to address potential suicide, homicide, or mental health crises.


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