What is “making an amends?” It’s doing something to correct a mistake one has made or a bad situation that one has caused. When we make an amends we go further than just saying “I’m sorry.” We take action to make up for what has happened in the past.

It’s so much more than cleaning up a park. It’s good for the community and good for the volunteer who is giving back in this manner. SRP’s
Adopt-A-Park is one of our Amends in Action programs. Whether you have an amends to make or not, you are welcome to join us in
volunteering to clean up our park.

SRP’s Community Outreach team does this the 2nd Saturday of every month. COME JOIN US! All supplies are provided by SRP.
Call Sue Young for further information: (707) 720-5120

An important function of a Recovery Community Organization is the public benefit it provides the local community. This program is an organized community service opportunity for individual in recovery to “give back” to the community. We offer projects ranging from Adopting a Park cleaning up litter, and painting to filing paperwork, data entry, phone support and becoming a Recovery Coach if that is their desire. Members volunteer their time to assist another person or family find freedom from substance-use. We use the term “Peer-to-Peer” and moto, “Each one – teach one” as a guide for personal recovery support. By encouraging people in recovery to “stay connected”, (volunteering), this actually enhances their life experiences and increases their success in long-term recovery.

12 step recovery programs include as part of the recovery process a 9th step where the members must “make amends” to those whom they have harmed except when to do so would harmed, this includes the community and neighborhood in which they live. Solano Recovery Project, “Amends In Action” program provides an avenue for members to make these amends by working on community projects.


  1. Unity – We are to come together as individuals for the common purpose of giving and receiving support while recovering from substance-use disorders.
  2. Guidance – We are to adhere to these 12 Principles, the bylaws, and facility rules as set forth by the Board of Directors of Unity Hall/Solano Recovery Project, (UH) developed with the guidance of a Power greater than ourselves.
  3. Openness/Diversity – We welcome all individuals (regardless of age, race, sexual identity, religion, lack of religion or socio-economic status) who are seeking recovery and a new way of life, so long as no UH/SRP Principles are compromised.
  4. Safety – We are to promote an atmosphere of recovery. The following actions are strictly prohibited: engaging in violence or threatening behaviors, possession of weapons, drugs (including alcohol) and or paraphernalia, loitering, panhandling, prolonged profanity, creating loud or disruptive noises, soliciting, or extended or frequent stays while under the influence.
  5. Purpose — To further knowledge and provide resources and support for   individuals seeking life-long recovery and wellness.
  6. Focus – We are to remain dedicated to the causes of UH/SRP, not utilizing the facility, equipment, resources or services for any purposes other than stated in Principle 5. Money received from donations, grants, or fundraising events will be accepted unless the requirements for acceptance or uses will be in conflict with our Articles, Bylaws, or these Principles.
  7. Support – We are to be financially responsible in all matters and timely in paying agency bills and as members paying monthly dues set by the BOD. We will encourage others to join our cause and help with events that support UH/SRP and the recovery community.
  8. Service – We are to volunteer our time and resources whenever possible to UH/SRP, to include UH/SRP’s activities and events.
  9. Accountability – We are to attend and serve UH/SRP with integrity, honesty, and faithfulness, being personally responsible for correcting any wrongs we may have been involved with.
  10. Integrity – We will support individuals, families and recovery-related programs; however, will have no opinion on the philosophies or practices of individual recovery programs. UH/SRP will not directly promote or reject any Religion and will not support or oppose any non-recovery-related causes.
  11. Compassion – We are to be welcoming, courteous, respectful and accepting of others as well as our neighbors and our community at all times while at or near UH/SRP.
  12. Anonymity – We are to remember that most people entering UH/SRP are in recovery. Their attendance or other personal information is not to be shared with anyone without their permission. UH/SRP considers all information regarding volunteers, clients/peers, and members, as confidential.


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