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We welcome you to a new life without the use of alcohol, drugs or other substances.

This Resource Guide and our Mentors and Coaches are available to assist you on your journey of life-long recovery. Please refer to this Guide and call us if you need help finding substance abuse treatment or other counseling services.

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12 Step support

12 Step support

Support group for males and females at no charge. 24 hour phone line.

413 Williams St., Vacaville
Recovery Support Group

Christian-based 12 step groups

707- 425-9673
Recovery Support Group

12 Step program. Meetings Friday nights 6:30 pm.

190 Butcher Road, Vacaville

12 step program for those with addiction to marijuana

340 S Lemon Ave., Walnut, CA. #9420

Provides 12 step recovery meetings for narcotic addicts.

Napa/ Solano
Recovery Support Group

12 step Christian Program

1745 Enterprise Drive, Fairfield

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