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We welcome you to a new life without the use of alcohol, drugs or other substances.

This Resource Guide and our Mentors and Coaches are available to assist you on your journey of life-long recovery. Please refer to this Guide and call us if you need help finding substance abuse treatment or other counseling services.

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Mental Health

Outpatient mental health treatment for adults and youth

701 School St., Napa

Provides an array of supports and services to consumers of all ages with serious and persistent mental illness.

251 Georgia St. #355, Vallejo

Wellness and Recovery Center

3330 Dover Ave., Fairfield

Mental Health Crisis Stabilization Unit.

2101 Courage Dr., Fairfield

Provides supportive services to individuals with serious mental illness and/or with co-curring substance use disorders who are homeless or at risk of being homeless.

707-553-5592, 707-553-5343
1119 E. Monte Vista Ave., Vacaville
Melanie Cook

Provides a variety of services to help people with any type of disability achieve maximum independence,

470 Chadbourn Road, Ste. A, Fairfield
707- 428-1131

Serving Solano County Residents 24/7.

2101 Courage Drive, Fairfield
707- 553-5331
355 Tuolumne St, Vallejo
707- 784-2080
 2101 Courage Dr, Fairfield,

Provides help, support, advocacy and education to those wth mental concerns.

1225 Travis Blvd, Fairfield
707- 553-5331
355 Tuolumne St # 1400, Vallejo

Psychiatric and mental health services

 707- 648-2200
 525 Oregon St, Vallejo
707- 562-8200

Stay close to us, we need you.

We will be continuously updating and adding new information for your needs.