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We welcome you to a new life without the use of alcohol, drugs or other substances.

This Resource Guide and our Mentors and Coaches are available to assist you on your journey of life-long recovery. Please refer to this Guide and call us if you need help finding substance abuse treatment or other counseling services.

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Resource Services

This program provides temporary cash assistance and supportive services to eligible  Native American families and children in Solano County. Resources and referrals for Native Americans.

1001 Texas St., "B" Fairfield

Restraining orders assistance and advocacy.

Law of Justice 530 Union Ave., Hall of Justice 600 Union Ave, Fairfield

Homeless resources through the Fairfield police deprtment.

Information and referrals on housing, benefits, advocacy and homeless assistance with housing.

470 Chadbourne Rd, Ste B, Fairfield

12-Step recovery

2407 California Blvd.,Napa

Men’s recovery home offering 30,60, and 90 day treatment programs. Must have 72 hours clean, no detox or medical services offered. Must be 18 or older.

1914 22nd Street, Sacramento
Solano Mobility
Education Services

Learn to ride Transit. Travel Training is a free service that teaches the skills necessary to navigate public transit.


Information on immigration laws and, etc.


Stay close to us, we need you.

We will be continuously updating and adding new information for your needs.