Peer Recovery Coaching

Recovery Connect’s – Peer Recovery Coaching Program

Solano Recovery Project (SRP) provides volunteer based, non-clinical, non-medical, paraprofessional, Recovery Support Services to individuals and families seeking and/or maintaining recovery from alcohol, drugs or other substances. Our Peer-to-Peer Recovery Coaching Program is the most important part of SRP services. Our services also include: information and referrals to treatment programs, housing, education, and career development; assistance navigating complex social service systems; and provide a safe/clean & sober facility where recovery support groups meet, life skills are learned, social and recreational activities and events can take place.

Our Coaching Program is based on peer support which means all of our Coaches are in long-term recovery from alcohol or other drugs, (min 2 years), have a personal program of their own, have life experiences similar to the Peer, and are willing to assist the Peer to find their own path to freedom and healthier living.

The program incorporates continual personal contact and relationship building with Peers; motivational interviewing; recovery and life planning; written contracts and Action Plan’s addressing responsibility with accountability; encouragement for Peer compliance with legal, judicial, medical/mental health, employment and other obligations; introductions to mutual aid support groups, referrals to professional treatment if needed with continued support during and after, and will provide documentation regarding progression for review /measurable outcomes. 

Participation Requirements 

  1. SRP Peer Coaches must maintain their personal recovery, all volunteer requirements, complete all required training, interviews, and background checks and agree to provide mentorship services to Peers.
  2. Potential Peer Mentees must understand and agree to the program guidelines, complete all required applications, assessments, and confidentiality forms to be enrolled in the Recovery Connect Peer-Coaching Program.

Peer-Mentor Responsibilities —A SRP Peer Recovery Coach:

  1. Guides Peers by word and by example, exhibiting paraprofessional conduct and appropriate demeanor at all times.
  2. Assists Peers with written contracts and Action Plans containing at least three goals/objectives. This must be submitted/signed by the Peer within one month of entering program and revised every three months.
  3. In-person meeting with Peer at least once a month during involvement with the program, and additional contact during the month as needed by phone or email. Contact will be more frequent in the beginning or if necessary.
  4. Takes phone calls and returns messages and email promptly, preferably within one business day.
  5. All Peers-Coaches will fulfill their capacity with Peers by adhering to the SRP Agency Principals and Guidelines by sharing, without promotion, their own personal views or path and acknowledges that any views, opinions, guidance, or remarks made are personal and may not reflect the views, opinions, guidance, or remarks of SRP or any other professional association.
  6. Remembers that the relationship with a Peer is para-professional and will exhibiting para-professional conduct and appropriate demeanor at all times. Will at no time become involved in an emotional or sexual relationship with individuals participating in any SRP
  7. Abides by these guidelines, or any other future guidelines adopted by SRP. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in Peer-Coaches names being removed from the mentoring list.
  8. Understands this commitment is for a year, and if agreeable to Peer, can be extended indefinitely. If discontinuing participation in the SRP Recovery Connect Program, Coach agrees to promptly notify SRP Program Coordinator in writing so that a suitable replacement may be found.

Peer Responsibilities*—As a SRP Peer-Coach, Peers will agree to:

  1. Work with a Peer-Coach on developing/signing a Personal Development / Action Plan containing at least three goals/objectives within one month of entering program.
  2. Meet at least one time per month with Peer-Coach and more frequently if advised or necessary. Additional contact can be in person, phone or email.
  3. Remember that the relationship with a Peer- Coach is a para-professional one, exhibiting paraprofessional conduct and appropriate demeanor at all times. Will at no time become involved in an emotional or sexual relationship with any SRP staff or volunteers.
  4. Abide by these guidelines, or any other future guidelines adopted by SRP. If Peer fails to adhere to these guidelines, it is understood and agreed that Peers name will be removed from the Peer directory and services will be discontinued. SRP will take responsibility for referrals to be made for all discontinued Peers to ensure continuity of services and support. Notification of discontinued services will also be provided to Peer’s referral source as applicable.