Public Education & Advocacy

Solano Recovery Project strongly believes that public education and advocacy is needed to change public opinion about recovery from substance-use and other addictions; and the people in recovery. Recovery is about the benefits that families and communities receive when individuals struggling become part of the solution. As an organization, we present the positive aspects of recovery to Government, Business, other Community organizations and the public. We organize public education events as in; Paths to Healing Conferences, Listening Forums, annual Recovery Walks, Memorials, and Rally’s. We also speak in colleges and attend conferences, locally, State and Nationwide to carry a message that “Recovery is possible”, and why Recovery Community Organizations, RCO’s, are not only needed, but present the best long-term solution for individuals and families seeking long-term recovery. Solano Recovery Project offers assistance with the many recovery support services needed for personal growth and success.


Putting a face and a voice on recovery to educate the public, policy makers, service providers, and the media about the reality of recovery offers hope and dispels myths and pessimism about the power and reality of long-term addiction recovery. This strategy also draws attention to the social and policy barriers facing people in and seeking recovery. (Faces and Voices of Recovery)