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Solano Recovery Project – Who Are We?

A Brief History

In 2005 a core group of individuals in long-term recovery from substance-abuse identified three major areas of need in Fairfield, California; later realizing this need exists Statewide.

The three areas are as follows:

  • People in recovery and associated organizations are finding it almost impossible to locate affordable space to rent for support group meetings, activities, and events.
  • A lack of support, information and guidance for people seeking and entering recovery from substance-use or other addictions.
  • A lack of affordable aftercare/continued support for people leaving treatment programs, institutions, or released from jails and prison including; personal guidance/mentorship and information/resources for personal growth, housing, childcare, education, career development and jobs.

The third we found was the largest because the support and guidance is left up to the families or the streets they are returned to; this has failed miserably.