Testimonial of MB

When I first came to Solano Recovery Project in January 2019, I was struggling with co-dependency, eating disorder, depression, worry, stress, fear and anxiety attacks.

With the assistance of the trauma and Biblical 12-Step Classes, the facilitator and other attendees, I got emotional support, understanding peer engagement, and a wealth of wisdom, tools and opportunities to exercise what I learned in those classes.

Since taking the classes I have more confidence and hope knowing I have the knowledge and training to better handle life issues and my feelings and stress. I’ve been able to see and feel more hopeful in my recovery. I believe without this help I would have been lost, even more broken and possibly dead. I have a new perspective on wellness and life and have been given a new way of healing my past and finally letting go.

Now that I’ve had these classes and support, I am able to cope with life’s issues and troubles while applying what I have learned in partnership with my loving God who has strengthened me through my journey. I also realize that this will be an ongoing journey. I will not just take these as classes but life changes that I will continue to grow in and practice everyday. The friends that I made along the way have become a core part of my PIT crew!