A success story through Unity Hall and the Recovery Connect Program

My name is Karen. I embarked on recovery in 8/2009.A few months later I was offered an opportunity to volunteer at Unity Hall. At this time I was a single mother on Section 8, Unemployment, Medi-Cal and Food Stamps. I served at Unity Hall for six months followed buy a 6 month job and another break in employment. I returned to Unity Hall to volunteer again until obtaining my current job. Volunteering at Unity Hall gave me a reason to get up everyday, somewhere to be and the ability to maintain a routine while unemployed. While volunteering at Unity Hall I did data entry, money handling, inventory, maintenance, assisted people who needed basic needs resources and facilitated a daily recovery education group. If I had not had a safe place to go in early recovery, when my future looked uncertain, I don’t know where I would be today.

I continue to utilize services at Unity Hall through their new Recovery Connect program when needed and continue to refer others to Recovery Connect for both services and volunteer opportunities. Today, I am off all public assistance, including Section 8. I have a good job and can provide for my son. I am truly self-sufficient. I am grateful for Unity Hall and Recovery Connect for all the resources and support that bought me to this time in my life.

Karen S.