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Wellness has many dimensions. This class will address the following major areas of focus:

Stepping onto the path where we learned about the strategies for change, they can help you or your loved one on your wellness journey.

Emotional wellness… Where we learn how to build awareness, acceptance, and healthy expression of emotions.

Intellectual wellness where we actively pursue lifelong learning and creativity.

Physical wellness as we learn how to make daily decisions that contribute to the overall health of our body.

Social wellness is all about building healthy, nurturing and mutually supportive relationships.

Spiritual wellness as we learn how to live a life that matches our values, beliefs, and sense of purpose

And of course, how to stay on the wellness path as we discover joy in our ongoing wellness and recovery journey.

The purpose of this class is to provide strategies and support to help you make positive, lasting life changes. In this class we will explore five dimensions of wellness.

We will explore the range of feelings that you may be experiencing at this stage in your recovery. They may vary Dash whether you’re confused, angry, anxious, frustrated, relieved, enthusiastic, or simply curious. Whatever your attitude is at this moment, know that changes in your life are always taking place. The strategies for wellness that you learn in this class connect as healthy and fulfilling substitutes to the behaviors you choose to change.