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What is Self Worth?

Self-worth is what you think and believe about yourself. You express your self-worth by the way you treat yourself.
People with high self-worth feel good about themselves. They value their own opinions and ideas. Their behavior in appearance reflects the positive view they have of themselves.

People with low self-worth place little value in their own opinions and ideas. This is often reflected in how they look and how they act.
It can be difficult for people with alcohol and other drug problems to keep up feelings of high self-worth. Their actions may not match their values.
Making positive self-changes can improve your view of yourself.

This class will help you find ways to increase your self-worth and gives you an opportunity to set specific goals for working on your self-worth.
“As I make recovery a priority in my life, I’m starting to see myself in a new light. I’m feeling better about the person I am.”